Becareful the unoriginal products

Fake  !!!!!
please not buy and support the unoriginal products

Dear Valuable Customers,
many illegal products are found now in the market. They copy and unauthorized use our trademark/brandname/labels/designs which may result in confusion with our products. Those illegal and counterfeit goods are not originally made by our company. Please cooperate not to support and stop using those illegal products. It has lower quality standard and will harm your skin. 
For more information and/or you have any information about the illegal and fake brand of our products, please contact us.
Hope to receive your kind cooperation and supports that will encourage us to create higher quality products and can still be your best skin friend forever. 
We love you and really do hope you will love us.
Best Regards,


CEO Beauty Whitevampire by Benny

line id:brughtbtyui

ig: brightbtyui

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